Should you put a hybrid in your bag?

James Rowlands

27 June 2022

We like to think we know a thing or two about golf, which is why we’re always banging the drum for custom-fitted golf clubs. It really does make such a radical difference. And yet, when golfers do get fitted, the tendency is to get the perfect driver set-up, get the irons dialled-in and maybe even take care of the wedges. But how many people forget about the poor old hybrids? Spoiler: it's too many!

We’re talking about a club that’s in almost every golfer’s bag and is considered by many players to be the ‘safety club’; something to fall back on in a sticky situation or a crisis of confidence. Surely, if there’s one club you want to be exactly right, it’s the safety net!

Let’s take Callaway’s new Rogue ST hybrids as an example. These hybrids are fantastic, with Artificial Intelligence helping them to optimise speed and, as a result, distance across impact locations on the face. Add in a refined sole – helping you glide through the turf smoothly - and you can maintain this performance from tight lies, thick rough and even bunkers.

Callaway Rogue ST hybrid

However, when we look at the options, we’ve got several different models, ranging from oversized & lightweight for game-improvement to compact and workable for precision. If you’re putting one in the bag, which one? Or maybe it should be more than one, but how many? There are so many questions, but fortunately we’re here to help you find the answers.

VIDEO | Hybrids, Utility Irons or Fairway Woods?

If you want to put top-shelf hybrids like Callaway's Rogue ST into your bag (and you should, if you want to develop your game) then come and see us in the pro shop. We'll be happy to help.

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