Executing every shot

James Rowlands

04 October 2021

VIDEO | Callaway Apex Irons Review

Those few yards you lose when the air is colder and denser might not be too much of an issue when you’re smashing a drive down the fairway, but if you’re looking to nestle the ball in close to the flag then it’s important to be precise with how far each iron will travel.

That’s why we’re so grateful for whatever genius in Callaway’s R&D department came up with the Tungsten Energy Core used in its Apex 21 & Apex Pro irons. This gives you both an incredibly consistent launch as well as precise distances by letting Callaway place the centre of gravity in the perfect location within the clubhead.

Callaway Apex Irons

Once you know you can rely on these yardages, you can start making the ball work for you; controlling the flight and spin as you set yourself up for a tap-in birdie. Oh, and let’s not forget that the 100% forged design means these Callaway Apex irons feel like an absolute dream when you hit them.

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