James Rowlands offers a personal expert custom fit service for all the leading brands by identifying your specific needs and understanding your game. This process can take up to 90 minutes depending on the individual's requirements.

There is a step by step process for custom fitting for a set of irons which is explained below......

Step 1
Deciding on the correct club head and model

At the start of the fit we try and identify the head model and design that both is suited to the player and one the player likes the aesthetics of. We have all the following custom fit carts to choose your clubs from:
Mizuno, PING, Titleist & TaylorMade

Step 2
Testing for the optimum shaft length

Once the customer has decided on the head design we then fit the shaft length. We do this by applying tape to the face of the golf club, and once the customer has hit a few balls we will evaluate the strike dispersion. If the marks on the face are near the toe of the club this generally means that the clubs are too short for the player, and if the ball marks are on the heal of the club this means the clubs are long, in which case we would make them shorter.

too shorttoo long

Step 3
Testing for the correct lie angle

When testing the player for the correct lie angle we place lie tape on the sole of the club and allow the player to hit four to five shots from the lie board. The lie board will mark the tape and help us determine where the club is first making impact with the ground. If the marks on the sole of the club are consistently on the heel of the club it generally means that the club is too upright for the player and would cause them to hook the ball. If the marks are on the toe of the club then the clubs are too flat for the player and will cause them to hit the ball to the right.

Research from the Titleist Research and Development Centre suggest that if a club has the incorrect lie angle by 2 degrees, it will account for the shot to be twenty feet off line. This just emphasises the importance of true custom fit.

too flastideal

Step 4
Testing for the correct loft

We very rarely make the lofts weaker on clubs as not many people are prepared to sacrifice the loss of distance, unless a player really struggles in getting the ball airborne. It is sometimes necessary to make the lofts a little stronger, if a player has a steep angle of attack and hits the ball too high.

Step 5
Testing for the correct shaft

There is a wide variety of shafts on the market now with various features and benefits, so it is important to get the right one. I will ask you some questions regarding your ball flight and then test some different shafts from the fitting carts to see which feels and performs the best.
From there we will test the shaft/s on the GC2 Launch Monitor to determine the optimum figures for launch and spin, therefore giving the perfect ball flight and shape.

Step 6
Testing for grip type and thickness

Grip type is a totally personal preference, some people prefer soft grips, some people prefer corded grips, it is simply what feels compatible for the player. We measure all the players with the grip measuring board to determine the correct thickness of the grip. Grips that are too thin could cause the player to hook the ball as the grip will allow the hands to release more, if the grip is too thick, it will not allow the hands to release and could cause the ball to go right.

Step 7
Deciding on the correct set composition

This part of the custom fit has become more important with the introduction of more lofted woods and rescue clubs. Companies now also sell irons individually so in some cases we will replace the long irons with fairway woods or rescue clubs.

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Online custom fittings cannot execute the total fitting procedure successfully. As they typically ask for 'static' measurements, for example height, wrist to floor length and hand size, they can only calculate a basic fit at best. A 'dynamic fit' whilst striking a ball reveals a whole different set of measurements that an experienced custom fitter can use to ensure the best results, be warned!