Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball (2019)

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The Pro V1x gives you a different option to Titleist’s regular Pro V1 ball – but still delivers that top-quality performance you’re looking for.

This four-piece ball is slightly firmer than its counterpart in the Pro V1 - it flies higher and spins more on iron shots, giving your shots incredible stopping power.

Key features and benefits:

  • 17% thinner cast Urethane Elastomer cover system for more ball speed
  • Faster ionomeric casing layer increases ball speed and lowers long game spin
  • Available in white or high optic yellow
  • New 2.0 ZG Process Core for more distance
  • High flight and more spin on iron shots for superb accuracy

The Pro V1x offers you a different approach to golf compared to the Pro V1 - if you want to find out more, make sure you come and chat to us down at the shop.

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